The following amendments was applied.
- "Comments only" was added to the search conditions for "Edit Purchased Product".
- "Confirmation request" can now be performed in "HM Checking Request" for ships that have "Copy All".
- Other bugs fixed.

"Confirmation of Company Policy Document" check is added at "Add SDoC" for warning necessity of the document. Please make sure to prepare the document and check it at registering a new SDoC.

[For suppliers] "Ship Name" & "IMO No." have been added as MD Search fields.

Improve the problem that cannot import MD Library to create MD

Link to MD Library, where suppliers voluntarily post MDs, is added to the menu (no change for "Supplier" users).

Improve the problem to generate 3-4 pages for one Material Declaration with many inputs

For suppliers: Added trace option for the forwarded HM Checking Request

System environment has been updated. No changes on PrimeShip-GREEN/SRM application is made. If you have any inquiry, please contact srpt@classnk.or.jp

The updates were made in line with amendments on the IMO Guideline for IHM development. For details, please refer to the technical information released by ClassNK.

The following amendments was applied on 09 Oct. 2014.
- Top page design has been changed.
- Usage guidance is added on pages.
- "Notifications from the system" will be emailed or the service suspension notice, etc. If not necessary, you can stop it at [Maintain master] > [Modify User Information]
- "Present Above Threshold Level" fields of MD pages have been changed to dropdown list.

The registration of waste information (for IHM part2) and store information (for IHM part3) are available.

The sample purchased products generated at Add Ship by Copy for "Ship Models" have been improved.
The new data is available for the ships copied from now on.

Storage time for the files generated at "MD/SDoC Output" is now set. The files are automatically deleted after seven days from their creation. Please download them if you need a record.

The following amendments was applied on 26 Feb. 2013
- Add "Initial value" for Due date setting at "Maintain Master > Modify User Information". The inputted value is automatically reflected on Due date at HM Checking Request.

The following amendments was applied on 29 Jan. 2013
- Add the link to change the display language.
- In addition to English/Japanese, add the Korean explanation on the emails from the system.
- Enhance the email notifications from the system, which can be edited at [Maintain master] > [Modify User Information]
- Add the option on "Add New Ship by Copy" to copy Ship Location Information and Purchased Product (MD/SDoC are not copied)

The following amendments was applied on 24 March 2012
If the "Auto-Reminer" is checked and HM Checking Request status remains "In progress" after the due date inputted at the request , the request mail is sent daily as a reminder.

The following amendments was applied on 8 Feb. 2012

- At IHM output, the total used amount on board is outputted in addtion to the used amount of each location.
- At MD/SDoC output per ship, the option to combine and output MD and SDoC into one PDF file is added.
- At the Purchased Products management, Completed date is added as a sort condition.

- "Related Document" function to upload the document related to MD is added.
- At "Respond" to HM Checking Request, "Comment" function enabling reply without MD registration is added for the inquiry to t he requester.
- Other bugs fixed

The following changes have been made on 2012/01/12:
- Modified the maximum length for the Supplier field on the "Add SDoC" page to match the organization's name field.
- Fixed the problem where previously set MD location information becomes unset when adding/deleting MD's to the same purchased product.
- Added information of the purchased products which the HM checking method is undefined to the Uncollected MD List.